Hair Extensions TechniquesWho doesn’t want to be flawlessly beautiful? Every girl has a desire to look stunning with a fine makeup and good hairstyle. But what if you want to get a revamped look with your locks? What if someone can help you in making your short hair long? Hair extensions are here to make your dream true for a stylish look. However, the thought of giving a new style or a new length to your locks can be a risky step, if you choose a wrong type of extension and wrong application method.

How can you find the right extension and method, which can enhance your looks without damaging your natural hairs? Initially, you should conduct a proper search regarding the types of extensions and extension methods. You should always prefer real human hair extension instead of synthetic.

Human hairs can match best with your natural hairs and don’t harm the scalp. Several techniques are used to fix these false hairs in your locks. So, you should consult with a good hairdresser who can suggest you the right method, as per your hair and scalp quality.

How Hair Extensions can be attached?

The methods of applying these extensions are several. Here, you can find the list of widely used methods and techniques:

Bonded with Glue:

In this type of technique, some kind of solvent is used to fix extensions in your scalp with your natural hairs. Generally, keratin is used for the attachment. It is rich with protein content and does not harm the scalp and natural hairs. You should always ask to the hairdresser that what type of solvent she will be using for the attachment.

Non-Glue Bonded Method:

In this type of method, no solvent is used by professionals for applying extensions. Micro links or cylinders, clips, Shrink-links, beads, braids, and threads are used for the attachment.

Strand by Strand:

In this method, a small strand of false hair is attached into your hairs, strand by strand, using either keratin bond or non-glue bonded technique. It takes a long time and when it gets attached to your hairs, you can impress anyone with your new locks.

Weft Hair Extension:

Weft hair is a line of long hairs which are attached from the top together. They are categorized into two- machine-made and hand-made weft, which can be fixed in hairs using non-glue or glue-based bonded methods.

Clip-in Hair:

This is widely used by women for getting a new look instantly as it can be attached and removed very easily and quickly by individuals. Whenever you want to change your short hairs with long locks or shade a strand in some color for a stylish persona, you can clip-in the extension and can remove it before going to sleep.

You can also contact to a good salon in your region for buying best hair extensions. Make sure about the type before purchasing any false hair. You should also fix your appointment with an experienced hairdresser who knows well about these false hairs and can use the best appropriate technique to fix it in your natural hair.